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Yveline "Eve" Bontemp

Garden of Eve


Nestled between large gray industrial buildings on Harris Avenue, one finds the Caribbean oasis and dream that is Garden of Eve. Chef and owner Yveline Bontemp was born in Haiti and migrated to Rhode Island at the age of 12. Though Yveline endured a difficult home life and bullying at school, she has always been resilient and consistently found joy and love in cooking. After years of working in hospitality, Yveline opened Garden of Eve in 2017. Always inspired by her grandma's cooking, Yveline's menu ranges from vegan dishes, imported Caribbean treats, kid-friendly choices, and her unique take on Caribbean classics like Jamaican jerk chicken and black rice, a mushroom-rice dish usually only served in Haiti. Yveline takes pride in her menu that offers what she would want to eat — a dish telling the story of her life and cultural influences.

Click through the images of Garden of Eve below or check it out in person at 405 Harris Ave, Providence, RI 02909

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